3 Simple Rules In Life

It’s all a matter of perspective.

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Everyone wants to be happy, we all want to do things we love and be with the people we love. We all want to live this life without any regrets and be able to contribute and leave a mark as we go. We want a lot of things, but nothing will happen if we don’t do something about it, if we keep on waiting for things to work on its way, to wait for miracles that life will unfold on itself, the reality is that if you want something, you have to go for it, fight for it, take it, claim it, it’s yours if you want it, you just need to do the dirty work.

If You Do Not Go After What You Want, You’ll Never Get It

The world doesn’t owe you anything, so what are you waiting for? Some people are addicted to this concept, that one-day success will come, one day, life will unfold, one-day money will come, that’s stupid.

One day, love will come, but sometimes you’ll need to chase it, sometimes you’ll have to fight for it, until you realized that it’s not meant for you, and you will never know the difference until you do something until you do your best, so you have to find the answer if you want to move forward.

If you want something go get it, if you want success work for it, and questions will remain questions if you don’t find the answers. That’s a sad life.

It’s better to say “Oops” than “What if’s”, life is meant to try and try until you succeed, to stumble, to take chances, to get what you want no matter what it takes because life is too short, let’s live life to the fullest of our potential.

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If You Do Not Ask, The Answer Will Always Be No

Seek every opportunity you can, chase your dreams, the difference between you and your idol or someone you want to become, the life you want to have is that they did all the necessary hard work and perseverance, they fought for the things that they want, they did what they have to do to get what they have, while you are just there, you know, waiting.

You need to change your thinking, you can start by asking even 1 question a day in the first week, 2 questions on the following week and so on, just to make yourself familiar and get yourself comfortable, that asking a question is okay, it’s addicting once you get a grasp. Asking question is like survival, it’s a must, you’ll never know how to drive if you didn’t ask. You will never know what other people feel if you don’t ask, and you will never really understand yourself if you don’t ask yourself. It’s a skill we need to use, just by asking could lead you way further than you can imagine.

Sometimes even if we already know the answer, we still have this urge feeling of clarifying things, like a validation, sometimes we have this gut feeling to ask and to hear it to make sure, even if its a no, even if its a rejection, it is okay, whether you didn’t get the job, whether you didn’t hear the big YES from a proposal, it is better to know than to wonder, what if.

It will set you free.

If You Do Not Step Forward, You Will Always Be In The Same Place

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You can never go anywhere without even a single step, and you know what it takes to go further, from point A to point B you need to move, and from point B to point Z, well you know what it takes.

The point is, if you want to become the best football player in the world, first you need to buy your soccer shoes, you need to find some football clinic or training where you can practice, you need to find others who are in the same interest as you, you need to find a coach who will teach you, and you need to learn the basic dribbling even before you can run and dribble, that’s the steps you need to make. If you want to become the best striker then look for some professional you can look up, to learn the techniques and skills, before you can become the best football player in the world, try to become the best player in your team, until you become the best player in your city, in your country in then the world. That is the process every successful people do, break things into small parts and then do the tracking until you arrive.

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You need to do what you have to do for your dreams, for your ambition, for the people you love, but first, you need to move, one day at a time just by showing up and doing something that could move you a little closer to your goal is enough.

You need to give your best, you need to give what it deserves, that’s how life works.

Chase your dreams, one day at a time, not just for yourself but for the people you love. Let’s celebrate life the best way we can.

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