Change starts the moment we decide.

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“Sometimes, all you really need is to believe.”

The world is bigger than you thought

The birds who grew up in a cage thought flying is a mortal sin.

This is probably the most important thing one should understand.

We grew up in a world that is designed by the people before us, the same people who wanted to stay above society, people who want to control people.

We are all living in the reality they created, unfortunately, we chose to see what’s in front of us instead of asking what’s beyond.

People always choose the easy way, most people judge instead of think, most people do…

After 5 years.

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“The cost of ambition is loneliness” — Ann

It was fun until it wasn't.

The constant grinding, the sleepless nights that have become my norm, the competition, the struggle, and the fruit of thy labor.

The endless studying and the hustle first, before everything else mindset, was good until it wasn’t.

Eventually, it's gonna eat you up.

Hustle is important, working hard is important, but working smart is the new sexy.

I always tell myself I’d rather be tired than broke, so I work my arse off day after day like there’s no tomorrow.

It paid off, but the question…

The things you need to survive this journey.

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It didn’t ask for me to become a genius or a math wizard, but it kept asking me ‘is that all you’ve got?’.

I poured my heart into this piece, wishing you success in your journey. I’m rooting for you.

I’ve heard this several times, to succeed in this journey is to master the technical side, to be the best of it, mathematics, algorithms, data structure, statistics, and programming languages.

Those can be learned and mastered through consistent practice and repetition.

Actually, it is more than that.

Every self-taught developer’s worst enemy? Themselves.

Wanna know the secret? Discipline.

On all those years of grinding, pushing…

Take advantage of these free resources, you’re welcome.

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“We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are.” — Max Depree

Cryptocurrency has become more and more popular, some look at it as the easiest way to getting rich, some see it as one of the most dangerous investments, some see it as a bubble while others thought about it as the ticket to a better life.

I am not part of the OG investors and traders that have been here for several cycles but I am pretty sure I have served my part in making money in trading leverage, losing money trading in leverage, panic selling…

Years from now, you will look back and say I was funny.

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“If all you can do is crawl, start crawling.”-Rumi


You are not alone, every developer has been there too.

Everybody’s gonna start somewhere, so loosen up.

Just know this, some of the Senior Developers today have probably been more scared, some screwed up multiple times, and some are as nervous as you are, and it's perfectly fine, so relax.

It is just part of the journey, that is how we grow up.

Being uncomfortable simply means you are doing something you have never done, you are becoming someone you’ve never been, and you are stepping outside your comfort zone.


Make this be that breakthrough you have been looking for, for once in your life stop quitting.

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“Sometimes, the wrong train takes you to the right station.” — Indian Proverb

Know that in the world of self-taught developers, many people failed, and only a few succeeded.

And this is the reality, the question would be, which side do you want to end up with?

This is not to discourage you, but to give you an insight into what’s out there.

I’ve been working as a Developer for almost 5 years.

Here’s the truth, it was very hard.

I wasn’t even sure how I made it here; I didn’t even think I’d made it here, all I did…

Our mind is just so powerful, that whatever you believe in, you become.

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“Money can’t but happiness, but poverty can’t buy anything.”

“Money can’t buy happiness.”

There are 2 kinds of people who would say this:

First, someone who has a lot of money just so you can stay the way you are, by living paycheck to paycheck, treating yourself to expensive clothes, designer bags, basically spending your hard-earned money so you can keep them rich.

Second, someone who doesn’t have any, those people are actually not talking to you, but rather, they are talking to themselves — convincing themselves that it's okay to be poor, that it's okay to not have any…

If you don’t like where you are, then why are you still there?

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“Your entire life can change in a year, make it this one.” — Ann

It took me 6 months of non-stop swinging the bat over and over just to get that first developer job.

I promised myself that I will make it happen, whatever it takes.

But most of the things come with a price, I already know that before I plunged in.

I cast down all my cards. It wasn’t enough.

I know I need to work harder; I was prepared for the sacrifices I need to give up, but even then it took a lot more than I…

It’s time to declutter your VSCode toolbox, and just keep the important ones, here’s your reference.

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“Give ordinary people the right tools and they will design and build the most extraordinary things.” — Neil Gershenfeld

I heard someone said, ‘let’s just install every vscode extensions that we find interesting.’ and I was like — ‘I’ll pray for your machines.”

A year ago when I was still working as a Mobile Developer, trying to save resources from memory to performance, I was really conscious of decluttering every tool I have, not just in VSCode of course.

VScode is a powerful tool, but it can also be a pain in the as* if not handled properly.

Imagine having…

They say work smart, and not hard, I’d say use both.

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“You can never understand everything. But, you should push yourself to understand the system.” — Ryan Dahl (Creator of Node.js)

So you finally found your first or second job, now it’s time to do the actual job.

If you think that getting the first job is the end-game, you are wrong; I thought about that too. Then I realized it was only just the beginning of the bigger world.

You did everything you can during your interview; you gave everything you’ve got during the exam/test, and finally, all your hard work has paid off.

Finally, you can rest, chill and…

Ann Adaya

Software Developer, exploring Crypto and Blockchain.

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