The first rule of thumb in the developer world, work smart.

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“What you think about, and focus on will eventually show up.”

There’s too much hype in the developer world lately, and the influencers created most of them.

Living in this advance, open-source, and free-will, both created pros and cons, it opened a new world for sure, that comes with unlimited…

Let’s end this year with a blast with these FREE SKILLS-Driven Tutorials.

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“You can never understand everything, but you should push yourself to understand the system.” — Ryan Dahl (Creator of NodeJs)

This list of tutorial isn’t about building projects from scratch , it is not about creating your portfolio, or those tutorials that are easy-peasy following and copying other people’s code…

There’s no magic trick, it’s simply the concept of input and output.

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“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” — Confucius

Everything starts within

Everything that you can see is a by-product of what is happening inside of you.

A good example of input and output.

What you put in, inside that powerful, miraculous, one in a…

The present and the future is Mobile

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“You’re a cosmos flower, and it’s still spring, wait until fall, and you’ll bloom beautifully, be patient.” — Startup

There are several programming languages you can use to build mobile apps, like Java for Android, Kotlin also for Android Development and there’s Swift, and ObjectiveC for IOS native apps.


It doesn’t matter which programming language you use, if you don’t have the database in your toolkit you ain't a developer.

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“People don’t care about what you say, they care about what you build.” — Mark Zuckerberg

Did you know the database is one of the core ingredients on your stack?

Data is one reason why we even bother building systems, in the modern stack, API is one of the fastest…

Everything comes with a price.

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“Give yourself permission to live a big life. Stop playing small, you’re meant for greater things.”

You should be very good at Math

Actually, You should know it all

The developers are wizards; they invented Math, in order to become a developer you should memorize all the formulas, you should know everything about the different principles of…

(Working at Google …as a Millionaire)

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“Whatever it is you’re doing, it’s working.” — Blues Clues

The subtitle was just for fun, if you followed a certain google tech lead developer you’d understand the sarcasm. (have to explain myself yes haha)

You should know at least 5 Programming Languages

This is one of the first requirements if you want to get the job.


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Software Developer, exploring Crypto and Blockchain.

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