Everything comes with a price.

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“Give yourself permission to live a big life. Stop playing small, you’re meant for greater things.”

You should be very good at Math

Actually, You should know it all

The developers are wizards; they invented Math, in order to become a developer you should memorize all the formulas, you should know everything about the different principles of Mathematics, and if you don’t, then don’t bother.

I don’t know where that started, but it’s not true.

Yes, you should at least understand mathematics, but you don’t need to be a wizard, a little of that and a little of those, mathematics for programming will of course requires the…

(Working at Google …as a Millionaire)

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“Whatever it is you’re doing, it’s working.” — Blues Clues

The subtitle was just for fun, if you followed a certain google tech lead developer you’d understand the sarcasm. (have to explain myself yes haha)

You should know at least 5 Programming Languages

This is one of the first requirements if you want to get the job.

At least 5, they preferred developers who know Java, C++, C#, Ruby, PHP, Javascript, if you can do Assembly then it would be a big plus.

If you can read some job postings, you will see they have entry-level job openings with at least 5 years of experience.

You need to…

Welcome to the Nerd’s Club.

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“You can be anything, you can do anything, you just have to do the work.”

Frontend vs Backend in the simplest form


  • How things look
  • The Design
  • Images, Videos, Content, Structure, Pages
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Angular, Vue


  • How things work
  • Logic
  • Data (Database)
  • Design Patterns
  • Java, PHP, Ruby, Python

Python Full Course By Mosh

Python is one of the most popular, in fact, most universities and boot camps are using Python as the first if not main programming language for students and beginners.

This course is perfect for every beginner, Mosh is one of the best online teachers you will ever find on the internet.

Best part? …

Get your brain cells ready!

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“Focus on how to think like a programmer, then learn the rules. Most aspiring developers do the other way around.” — Ann

As a Self-Taught Developer, it took me a while to understand how to do this developer job the right way.

I didn’t know it back then; I didn’t have a solid foundation and understanding of how this engineering thing works.

All I know is that I need to learn how to create a website that’s it.

After I got my first developer job and working alongside 8 computer science and computer engineers, I didn’t have a good sleep…

Being resourceful is power.

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“You are born to win.”

Becoming a developer is a long journey, there will be obstacles, a lot, to be honest, you will stumble, you will fail, you might cry (like me) but experiencing it all, surviving as a self-taught developer for almost 6 years, working alongside with the computer science engineers — it's the journey that makes it wild.

We all heard about chasing our dreams, dreaming big dreams, crashing goals, becoming rich, in order to be happy and fulfilled, or just to have something to show to others.

In my humble opinion, it doesn’t matter what you want…

These are the tools I use to not complicate things at work

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“Be tough, be ambitious, and know exactly what you want.”

Bracket Pair Colorizer

These free tutorials are gems, and they are beginner-friendly

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“I’m coming for something they said I couldn’t have.”

Full-stack development is the combination of both Frontend Development skills and Backend development skills, it may seem intimidating at first but once you get a hand with it, I bet you will never lose a job in your life.

It has always been my ambition after I got my first developer job, I gave myself 10 years, and here I am, 5 years of working as a professional, I got the Software Developer job title while working as a Fullstack (MERN Stack) in my current project.

Dreams do come true —…

Master the most powerful tool and you will be way ahead of the crowd.

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“If you realize your life is 100% your responsibility, there is no room for being resentful towards anyone.” — Sadhguru

How I started

I didn’t really know about this until I saw that interview with Bill Gates, he mentioned, many years ago when he and Warren Buffett was playing cards with his dad, his dad asked, what’s the most powerful thing a man can possess to achieve anything in life?

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, interestingly enough, came up with the same answer, and it is — focus.

The power of focus can give you anything in life, anything you desire, and anything…

Don’t be afraid to start again.

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“Stop thinking that you are not qualified, not fit, or not experienced enough. Growth takes place when you start doing stuff you are not qualified to do.”

This is for beginners, building portfolio website mostly using the most basic stack HTML, CSS, and basic Javascript, and a couple of tutorial that uses Reactjs as an introduction.

Your portfolio matters the most, especially when you are still looking for your first developer job, and most importantly, when you are a self-taught developer, you don’t have a Computer Science diploma.

How would they know if you are capable?

It doesn’t have to…

How badly do you want it?

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“I’ll go as far as I can.”

Your mindset

Before you step your foot forward, you should know where you are going, otherwise, there will be no direction, indecision sometimes can cause life’s burden.

Most people live as if they don’t have the power to live the life that they want, that’s why most people end up in the same place their entire life.

I’m pretty sure you are reading this because you are not one of them.

Starting over again, just like I did in mine over 5 years ago when I was 25 years old, I got stuck in a…

Ann Adaya

Software Developer, exploring Crypto and Blockchain.

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