Do You Have What It Takes To Reinvent Yourself?

This is the sign you have been looking for.

We’ve all done it year after year, after year, sometimes reinventing one’s self, as nice as it sounds, is a lot of work. It’s easy to plan, that’s the best part daydreaming about how you want your life to be in years, how nice it feels, writing and rewriting, sometimes even creating tables or excel files, we then put it aside, then forget.

Let your intuition guide you, you are what you are looking for.

Reinventing is not just about planning, it’s what you do after that actually counts. It’s not always easy changing ideas, plans, and habits. Especially when it includes rerouting yourself, changing gear, and changing the environment.

You might probably need some reassessment. If you want to make a change and be truly reinventing yourself then you need to check if your environment is helping you moving forward with your goals and plans and not holding you back or worse dragging you down. If you want to make a change by avoiding negative thoughts and start seeing life more positively, then you can’t do something about it if you are surrounded by negative people, it’s one way or another. And besides why are you still with them in the first place? Do something about it.

Before you can even make a change, you first need to know the things that are needed to change. And then create a plan on how you can change it, most of the time it will be difficult but if you are serious about reinventing yourself then you have to do what you need to do to change it.

What is it that’s holding you back, is it because you are watching too much Netflix? Then try to make some confrontation with yourself, honestly, I do this a lot, convincing myself that if I continue doing this then I might not be able to commit with my deadline on my project that will cause a delay on my plan of working remotely 100%, so as my dream of traveling in this particular area will be delay as well, so is it watching Netflix today really important? Will it be worth delaying my future plans? Of course not.

Another way to not be too harsh on yourself is to set up a reward system, instead of watching Netflix the moment you got home from work, you can work on your project first, do the important task that even just accomplishing them you can be fully satisfied and call it a day and then you can watch after, by this system you can do the task faster than normal because of the reward.

This is the most important, your time is the most expensive currency, time is money, time is an investment, time is everything, that every second you spend from it takes a second of your life. And not using it wisely means chaos, so you need to be conscious and you need to use it with purpose.

Here’s a trick you can use, you need to manage your time by applying the connecting dots backward.

When you are planning in a day or a week or even a month. You need to start at the final deadline and then do the necessary plan backward for it to be achieved. And here’s how I do it, when I’m planning in a day, I write down first the necessary task that needs to be done within that day, to make sure that it aligns the plans or todo-list of my week and of month and so on, no matter what, that’s the deal.

You need to fully understand this mindset and be accurate about it, no matter what, have a clear understanding of how critical those tasks are that you need to get it done before anything else, and no matter what, make it happen.

The environment in which you spend most of your time will shape you, not just physically but as well as how you see yourself. One good example is your living room, most people design their living room with a couch and a huge television in the center, so basically you can tell that the people living in that house 90% they likely watch tv the moment they got home from work.

Try to experiment, instead of having a living room with a huge tv, try a shelf with lots of books and you will certainly start reading on your free time, or put a desktop or work setup you’ll most likely be working on your personal projects or will end up studying after work. Or if you want to change your diet and you want to get rid of eating too much meat, then reinvent your fridge, your kitchen and instead put some green foods and fruits. Try to reinvent based on how you see yourself or on how you want yourself to become in a few months or a year, that’s how powerful your environment is, things will shift in a snap if you are just willing to do the necessary.

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