How To Stop Giving A F*ck

In this crazy world we live in.

Humans are by nature social animals, It is in nature for everyone to seek everyone else’s approval, acceptance and validations.

“You can take the person out of the Stone Age, not the Stone Age out of the person”

But in this ever-changing life, that is now 10x faster as technology is pushing the humanity forward, the probability to survive is now evolving as well, learning to adapt has increasingly proven itself to matter, social media in the beginning tend to sell us this possibility of making the world be more connected than ever, but as the other factors arises, we are slowly seeing the different effects that comes along with it, depression and anxiety has increasingly becoming the next norm to some and it’s slowly growing and we tend to just ignore it, some may say that those are only to those who are weak and unable to adapt, but it doesn’t always the case, depression and anxiety sometimes cost by trying to fit in to our tribe, sometimes even if it’s against our will just to fit in, we tend to seek validity and approval to everything we do, in every actions, and decisions and if we failed, that is when those issues arises.

Other people tend to define what’s good for us and what’s not, and if we disagree, they called us the rebel and the crazy, but you are smart enough to know the difference of things, so why are you letting them define you, keep doing your thing, you need to live your life, you need to stop giving a fuck.

If you want to wear that polka dress, then wear it, your choices should be based on what’s good for you, what makes you happy and not to impress anyone, ever.

And if they ever have a problem with it, that’s what it is, their problem.

Not everyone wants to be the black swan.

But here’s a thought, there are 2 sides to every coin, while others failed to see it, others used it to their advantage, like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos they aren’t fond of validations, they do what they do, whether someone likes it or not, they continue to live on their own terms, no one knows them when they were starting out and failing again and again, but they didn’t care, and when they became successful all of a sudden the once called black swan have become the greatest of all time.

Crazy World.

The society tends to decide what’s good and what’s not, what’s right from what’s wrong, they even label what’s normal from what’s not normal, you are smarter than that, you are much more, you can do more than what you are trying to settle, the world is only limited by the way you see it, see the world in a different perspective and you’ll begin to understand why Steve Jobs tells you to not settle, keep searching for that life that you want to live, shape it, design it, because it’s all yours.

In a more present scenario, your parents may be bragging you on, why are you not married, your relatives will keep on telling you to have a family before 30, have your own house by 30, buy your new car and you’re good to go, for God’s sake, have a life.

Make your own, it doesn’t matter what you choose or how you live, what matters is you’re free, free to create mistakes, free to learn, free to stumble and free to spread your wings and express your voice, that you are genuinely happy, you’ve got people who accepts you and loves you, a life well travelled and experience more from the world, then you’re getting there!

Just do your thing, no matter, stop giving a fuck.

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