May The Tears You Cried In 2019 Water The Seeds You’re Planting For 2020

Is 2019 not your best year? You might be wrong.

Being able to witness a start of a new decade is like receiving the gift of a blank canvas, it’s like you can start counting again from 0–1000, to 10,000, 100,000 to 1 Million days of your life.

Wouldn’t this be a perfect time to start it all fresh? To serve it as a new life, but this time you are better, you are conscious, you have woken up to life, you are more intelligent than you were years ago.

This time, you can start living day by day as if you are repainting and rebuilding your life again, doing it right this time, sounds very exciting, isn’t it?

happy woman under the sun
happy woman under the sun

So why don’t you grab some good cup of coffee and let’s walk through it?

People tend to believe that in order to call it a good life you must be able to achieve the ambitions and goals you have set to yourself during your early years, you probably pictured your ideal life to be beyond what others are expected of you, you probably define your future as detailed as having that polished marble with a one of a kind color where you can only find in Egypt, to be the floorings of your kitchen.

Don’t get it wrong, nothing is wrong with it, what you did was totally normal, human beings are wired that way, it’s not just about human instinct, but also because the society sets it to be the norm, they tend to define the balance between what is acceptable and what is not, but that doesn’t define the good and the bad, they were just created by the people before you that are no smarter than you, live your life consciously and intentionally in order to see the world beyond your society.

Here’s some tricks that you can use as you start this new journey, It’s too simple that only a few are doing it, and those people are just a normal human being who has been succeeded in life, again, not because they are well and smarter, they just chose to not let anyone decide what their life should become, with this very simple mental shift will change your life forever.

Image for post
Image for post

Success, Happiness and Wealth are not created by doing huge things in order to create huge impact like winning a lotto for example, that’s not how things work, instead they are achieved through a series of little things, the small changes that lead to the greatest opportunity of your life.

Imagine arriving at your office and you can see your desk with all the outdated papers that no longer serves you, why are they still there? Throw them.

Oh, you’ve got dozen of pens and most of them are empty and dry, get rid of them. You’ve got these empty boxes you got from all the amazon deliveries last holiday, and you still got this stain from yesterday’s coffee, clean them up, not later, not tomorrow but now.

Then you suddenly remember this big idea you’ve come up a long time ago, but didn’t have the time to work on because of this holiday craze and you’ve got no time back then? Go grab a good cup of coffee it will be a long day ahead, get back to your desk and finish it, no distractions, get rid of your phone just for today and don’t stand up just because you are tired, get to work because you’ve done enough excuses months before, life happens today, do it now.

After finally finishing all the tasks that took you a year to even start, You’ve probably realized how far you can go just because you decided and you’ve put your mind into something that matters to you, imagine how you can do it far more, you have proven yourself that you can do such great things like this, you gotta start thinking about how you can take this new skill you have just acquired, think of something on how you can do better, greater goals and greater opportunities ahead.

When you’re done, try to slow down for a bit and look back of how far you have come, think about something, imagine how many are there that are just like you who also wanted to know how you did what you did, you just need to find them, it wouldn’t be hard because you know exactly where they are, you just gotta track your footsteps backward and you’ll be amazed.

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.” -The Great Steve Jobs

You see, life is not about achieving overnight success, it’s not pure luck, you need to prepare yourself, suit yourself so when the time is right, you are ready.

Life is not about a giant leap, it’s a series of conscious and purposeful steps that will guide you into opportunity to opportunity into luck, in which lazy people call an overnight success, they are too lazy to think of how successful people did what they did so they chose to believe that successful people became successful purely because of luck.

“There’s something good about not knowing which direction you are going, you can go anywhere.”

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