Self-Taught Developer: How To Build Mobile-First Approach Websites Using Bootstrap

Ann Adaya
6 min readFeb 26, 2020

Use this as your guide and reference for your Web Development journey.

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Today we will discuss and understand the fundamentals of learning Bootstrap 4.

Before we begin, I would suggest you first learn and understand the basics of CSS, and also it is recommended that you learn the fundamentals of Grid and Flexbox before you tackle Bootstrap 4.

Bootstrap is a very popular frontend framework, and Bootstrap 4 offers a lot of features, and abilities to create and build responsive UI designs way easier, more efficient and offers a solid foundation as you go along, and the best part of Bootstrap 4 is that it is built with a solid foundation of Flexbox.

So why use Bootstrap today even after having all the new trends of frameworks, third-party tools, and packages? Well, personally when I was just starting to learn Web Development, I was having a hard time understanding everything at once, as a Self-Taught Developer that’s still has a 9–5 job, time is something I can’t just spare, I have this urge of maximizing my time wisely and purposefully, and I know you would agree that building Website with just using the hardcode HTML and CSS is sometimes a pain in the as*, it will take a lot of time designing, adjusting and research.

I learned to build a better Website because of Bootstrap, it was very convenient to use, time-wise while providing high-quality websites.

Benefits of using Bootstrap

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Rapid Prototyping

One of the benefits of using Bootstrap is its ability to reuse CSS and Javascript property codes that give us the functionality we need in building high-quality websites. All you need to do is use some HTML component and plug Bootstrap into your template without the need to spend a lot of time writing complex CSS and Javascript and at the same time doing a lot of research, with even the capability of upgrading your newly built website into a responsive one.

The Power of Grid System

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