Self-Taught Developer: The Good The Bad and The Ugly

and everything else in between.

The Good

The Doubts Vs The Dream. Once you decided to pursue programming or Web Development, you will have a lot of reasons on how it won’t work, it could be your current circumstances, it could be your age, it could be not having the tools to even start, nevertheless, I hope your dream outweighs your excuses.

Dare to dream big and persevere, overcome the challenges along the way, be bigger than your emotions, change your life.

Never be afraid to reinvent yourself

It is never too late to start, regardless if you’re on your late 20s or 30s even 40s, it don’t matter, the only thing that matter is you start, you persevere, you don’t give up even after the failures or delays with the rewards, I urge you to start.

Your current circumstances don’t matter, however, it should be your main reason why you need to start, life is too short to play small, to play safe and to just settle with what we currently have, once you change your thinking, the moment you decide that no matter what happens you will keep going until you succeed, you will be amazed on how opportunities will find you.

The Bad

I don’t need an inspirational quote, I need coffee.

The Awkward Phase. Getting that first Web Developer Job is the goal, it’s one of the most fulfilling moments in our career especially as a self-taught developer, trust me it’s one of the greatest achievements, it’s like all the hard work starts to pay off.

While having that incredible feeling and excitement to start, you will also feel those pressure, you’re playing in the big league now, this is no longer a junior league, you will now be playing with the giants, so pressure is necessary for you to step up.

Now that you successfully achieved the goal to get that first Web Developer job, it is time for you to step up and do more a bit of advanced, you are now a Junior Developer so you need to do more than you usually do as a beginner, you need to work harder than you usually do, remember you are now becoming a Junior Web Developer, so start acting like one.

Achieving this milestone seems to be overwhelming, you have achieved your goal, so it should be time to relax? no, this is only the beginning.

The Ugly. The chase.

There is a lot of competition along the way, and the doubts and pressure will eat you alive so you need to be prepared, working with other developers is very challenging, you will feel like you need to prove that you belong, and this sucks, working with other professionals who had a degree in engineering and computer science sucks, trust me it sucks, the pressure will sabotage you, you need to fight for it, this is called the impostor syndrome, it has a name for a reason, and that is the pressure you are feeling is normal, almost all of us does, you just need to be aware of it, and to know that nobody knows what they are doing too, most of us are just winging it, to solve one problem at a time, no one starts an expert, everyone starts as a beginner so handle the pressure well, again remember, nobody knows what they are doing when they were starting, everyone is just winging it to survive, I’m 100% guilty too.

The pursuit

Pursuing victory is a few miles more, few more sleepless nights, few more push to having the grasp and the confidence as a Developer, it took me more than 3 years to finally be confident enough to tell anyone that I am a Developer, so as for you it may take a while but just do what you do best, it already worked, you’ve seen it, you got the job and you are already working with the big guys, the software engineers and colleagues with computer science degree, you may be the black swan but you made it, there is nothing else you cannot do, there is no reason for you to not succeed in web development unless you give up, you have proven it yourself, so why give up now?

Continue learning, continue pursuing your dreams, do not stop when you are tired but when you are done, the people who will succeed are those who persevere in the moment of darkness, they are the strongest and the wisest, be one.

And until the next milestone, just keep winging it.

Software/Mobile Developer

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