Self-Taught Developer: Web Development Roadmap For Beginners Part 2/4

Lesson 2: Find the best gurus online

The most important skill you need to learn is to be resourceful.

Quick Note: I am not an affiliate with this gurus, I’m just returning the favor, I owe them a lot, I will never be who I am without them and I would never achieve this career growth without them, they help me become the developer that I am today, from Web Developer to Mobile Developer and now I got the new job as a Software Engineer, all because of these amazing gurus.

Self-Taught Developer: Web Development Roadmap for Beginners Part 1

Top 4 Best Online Teachers To Follow This 2020

1. Traversy Media

Photo Credit to Traversy Media Channel

Had taught thousands of students worldwide, a lot of professionals nowadays owe him a lot, he is capable of changing lives, of making dreams become reality, especially self-taught developers like me. Developers who started programming 4 years or 5 years ago would agree that Brad Traversy is a hero. His work is his voice, if you ask any self-taught developers out there, you can only hear something like ‘Oh that guy, I owe him big time’

And the best part? Most of his courses are free, here is his YouTube Channel and his Udemy profile below, most of your questions are already there from beginners to expert.

YouTube Channel:



Tutorial Videos Sample:

Web Development 2020 A Practical Guide:

Javascript Crash Course for Absolute Beginners:

He is an excellent teacher, he teaches thoroughly, he is very optimistic, and he answers questions as fast as he can. He also creates several crash courses so whenever you are curious in any programming language, script, framework or any packages, you can go to his YouTube Channel and just search for any crash course, he will teach you the basics and its general overview.

2 — Angela Yu

Photo credit by London App Brewery

Angela Yu is the cutest teacher in the club, she is very nice and heartwarming, a very good teacher, she is really good at teaching. When I started transitioning from Web Development into Mobile Development most specifically in IOS Development, she then became my mentor, I took 2 of her courses in Udemy, learning IOS 11 and then 12 using Swift Language. Now she is also teaching Android Development as well.

It was already hard learning Web Development on my own, and transitioning into Mobile Development in just a year as a developer was pretty crazy, but I succeded, she is a lifesaver!

She made it easy to understand, her courses are very fun, I didn’t feel bored at all, now she had this new course about learning Web Development for Beginners, a course I wish I had when I was still starting out, this was also the course I used when I held a Giveaway Course for anyone who wants to start learning Web Development last month, this course is something I would really recommend.

She is also very popular in Udemy because all of her courses got the highest-rated courses and most reviewed.

She now has courses in Flutter too, which I recently bought :)

YouTube Channel:



3 — Coding with Mosh

Currently, I am a React/React Native Developer, I had never understood React until I had Mosh’ React tutorial, he explained it thoroughly and made it very easy to understand.

React for Beginners:

Javascript in 1 Hour:

He is currently focused on teaching Python, you can see it on his channel. He also has several courses in Angular, Javascript, and C#

YouTube Channel:

Website: ,


4 — Colt Steele

Colt Steele is a master in teaching Javascript in-depth, I understood Javascript because of him, I recently took his course in Modern React and Redux 5 months ago, and again I found another mentor and this time it’s for learning Redux. Of all the tutorials and videos I’ve watched and read, his explanation and examples enlightened me, after several months of trying I finally understood Redux, all thanks to Colt Steele and his cat :)

Watch this HTML/CSS/Javascript Crash Course of his:


Youtube Channel:

Part 3…

Software/Mobile Developer

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