Self-Taught Developer: Web Development Roadmap For Beginners Part 3/4: 8 Free Courses!

Trust me, Gold Nuggets Alert!

Now that you have some ideas with different technology in Web Development, assuming that you have read Part 1: Self-Taught Developer: Web Development Roadmap for Beginners 1/4 that talks about the general overview of how the technology works, how they are correlated to each other and which ones to take. Please don’t just read but also understand and make a thorough research about how that technology works if you are serious with learning Web Development, it will not be easy at first but once you are able to understand how they work individually and on how they are working together then you are good to go.

The technology is rapidly growing more than you can ever imagine, this also means that there will be more resources everywhere, this also means there will be more job openings, means more opportunities, more projects and ideas that are yet to discover, don’t ever think that Web Development is getting saturated, the truth is that it is just the beginning there are a lot of job openings every day, honestly, I’m getting job invitations every single day, and as much as I wanted to I can’t because I already have several projects on my plate. So just continue, continue learning, continue practicing and continue working on becoming a Web Developer until you get that first job, it’s one of the most fulfilling moment you will have, trust me, mine felt like the sweetest victory.

Please don’t skip the blog before this one that talks about finding the best mentor, the internet is so saturated with several newbies who are acting as experts, you need to spot the right ones, they will have a huge role in your career, they are such a great teachers, I owe them big time. Part 2: Self-Taught Developer: Web Development Roadmap for Beginners 2/4 Finding Mentors

Here are some good nuggets, bookmark them, save them for later but give some time to learn them, if you are pretty serious with learning Web Development then make the time, stop the excuses, there’s no better time to learn Web Development than now.

1 —Learn HTML5 and CSS3 From Beginners to Intermediate by Freecodecamp, this channel is one of my top favorites, they are giving high-quality content for FREEEEE!

2 — Python For Beginners — Python is getting more and more popular these days, especially that Data Science is attracting a lot of new developers, the companies are now realizing the importance of data, and of how powerful it is, this opens the door of opportunities to all Data Scientist and to those who want to shift or learn Data Science, here’s a good introduction in learning Python.

The one and only, Programming with Mosh Free tutorial for beginners to those who want to learn python.

3 — Learn PHP and MySQL with practical full project —

Php and MySQL are one of the solid fundamentals if you want to pursue Backend Development, this duo exists for years and up until now, they are widely used for large applications and business systems. PHP is the backend language and MySQL is for the database. Here’s a good introduction in learning both, in this tutorial you will learn them through building a full project, the course will start with teaching you how to install and setup PHP and Mysql in your laptop or computer.

4— Javascript Course for Beginners this 2020

As I’ve mentioned several times, learning Javascript is a must, this is one of the fundamental tools you need to learn as you start Web Development along with HTML and CSS. Here’s a great course introduction that you can take by one of the great teacher Academind.

5 — The Complete Linux Course for Beginners to Intermediate

Here’s a good introduction video that will teach you a lot about Linux, it’s a beginner-friendly course that will teach you from basic to intermediate.

6— C# Programming Tutorial By Caleb

Caleb was my source in learning Database, all about SQL and MySQL, he has been teaching for more than 5 years, I took several of his courses even when he was still using blackboard and chalk, it was hilarious but really food content.

7 — Database Design by Caleb

The database is one of the essentials in programming, you cannot build a system without a database, it’s the backbone of Backend Development. And this course is a good introduction to learning how to design databases for complex business systems and applications. Take this Full 8hr Course, you will learn a lot of gold nuggets.

8 — Learn Java with this Free Tutorial Course for 9hrs from Beginners to Advanced

Another good content from Freecodecamp, if you want to learn programming hardcore then here’s a great course for you, learn Java from Beginners to Intermediate for 9hrs!

4/4 coming right up….. :)

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