There Are 3 Types Of People You Should Never Forget

You’ll met them during adversity.

I am a workaholic, I worked 12–14hrs/day, and other than that, all I do is to read, play football and watch Netflix during weekends. And I found this Korean drama on Netflix entitled Crash Landing On You, and there’s this very interesting woman who grew up in a wealthy family who never fails to make her feel like an outsider, being an illegitimate daughter she lived her life fighting for survival, in which she successfully did

She became the CEO on several businesses she owns, she was a fighter, a survivor, independent, a Queen. She was betrayed by her brothers, the legitimate sons who don’t just want her out of the family’s wealth but also wanted to take all she has built. She has lived her life pursuing her ambitions, making her legacy and proving to the world that she isn’t a victim in this world but rather showing the world what she is capable of changing.

And watching her story skipped my heart a beat.

There was this episode where she confronted one of her brothers after she discovered that it was her brother who was trying to ban her out of the country and endangered her life.

And she was trying to make a point of the things she learned during the moment of her perseverance.

“There are 3 types of people you should never forget”

People who will help you when you’re stuck

These are your friends, and some probably are even just an acquaintance, one thing I’ve learned in this world is it doesn’t matter how long you’ve known someone, there are those you’ve probably known your entire life and end up leaving you behind when things go south and you’ve probably have met someone for like months and ended up hearing you even without you saying a word, funny isn’t it.

Sometimes, it is a matter of intentions.

It is nice to have friends who will stick with you in times of trouble, who listens and who mocks you with no apparent reason.

Last 2019 was memorable, it brought out the worst in me, I was lost, I was stuck and I played as a victim, and the crazy things was that I thought it was normal, after losing everything I built, losing my mom, my dream, I was drunk half of the year, I played the role as a victim and the worse, I was beginning to accept it.

Over and over I was just trying to survive day after day, the people who I was expecting to be there end up not being there, the people who I trusted to listen to end up not even hearing the words that I say on repeat, and the people who I thought who would hold my hand ended up leaving, I didn’t understand it back then, I thought I had lots of friends, hundreds of them actually, and there I am pouring my self a gin, not knowing what day it was exactly, in the dark listening nothing but my sound, and having nothing than my own mind.

People who will leave you alone when you’re stuck

One thing I’ve learned for sure is that negativity is a disease, sadness, depression is like a disease and getting infected by it will isolate you, because let’s be real, no one would want to be around with people who are full of negatives, everyone just wanted to live a happy life, abundance, laughter, drinks, parties, entertainments, that’s what they all crave, and you showing all the negativity to the world is like digging your own grave, you’ll end up alone.

I’ve learned it the hard way because I’ve trusted people a little too much than they deserved. I’m all sober since July, I am currently rebuilding my life, got a new job, new hobbies, I am getting a new place, start a new life, finally, I got a new goal, and the most important, I found myself, I am not a victim, and never will be, I am a fighter, a lion, and I will show the world of how capable I am of change.

I once thought that the odds are against me, but I’ve realized that it’s not, but rather the world is teaching me, so instead of asking myself why on earth is this happening to me, I found myself asking what is it now that the world is trying to teach me, the moment I found my silver lining, is the moment I found myself asking different questions, and now I am way better than I was months ago, the mental shift is so powerful.

People who will corner you into that situation

Those moments where I was just trying to survive every day, I was numb at that time, I was crazy, I was losing my balance, I wasn’t thinking logically, I was desperate.

There was this friend of mine who was presenting me her business plan, you know what happened to desperate people, they always lose, most of the time I mean, so my stupid self said yes, I invested without really weighing the risk, and I end up losing the remaining savings I have, because that I called friend of mine vanished without leaving a single track.

I call these the hyenas, they hunt for those lions, tigers, cheetahs, who are severely injured, waiting for the moment they pass out before they attack, they are the most dangerous, I called her a friend in the first place.

They will turn you into pieces just after you break, they will spit on you even when you are on your knees, they are the bully, if you ever had a situation like this, you need to remember their character, so when the time comes that you can sense some similarities, well, you should know better.

Going back to the Netflix series drama, there was one thing you missed.

Of all the things she has ever done, of all the endeavor, the survival, the challenges, she forgot that there’s still one more type and the most important one, because at the end of the day, like every storm, there will always be rainbows, and just like every darkness, there’s a silver lining, and that is when you discover that life is a series of events, continuously moving forward into connecting the dots, the domino, one thing is certain, the best part always comes out after the worse.

People who never left when things fall apart

They are rare, if you found one never let that person go, you are luckier than you thought, some found a tribe, some have some, and some still are searching, as I am.

They are your tribe, your people, your inspiration, your family, your spouse, kids, best friend, you see, everyone wants to feel appreciated, loved, respected, cherished, adore, these are priceless and there’s no amount of wealth can make up for it, the funny thing is that we can’t see it, but it happens every day.

It is built by smallest block, the simplest gesture, and overtime it is way more powerful than any other force in the world, it can make you believe in anything, it can give you all the energy you needed in pursuing even the impossible ones, it moves mountain, dry up the ocean, something that would convince you to drive for 4, for a moment of 1, illogical, but it simply brightens the day a little more than usual, the happiest, childish, sweetest feeling anyone can ever express, and I’d walk a thousand miles just to make up for one, and I can’t wait to find mine.

My mom is the kindest person I ever know in this crazy world, and she always taught me all the things money can’t buy, to see things beyond any materials you can see, she taught me compassion.

No matter what life throws at you, Keep only the people you love in your heart.

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