What does it take to become a Developer in 6 months while still working on a 9–5 job?

6 Months > 3 years.

If you are pretty serious about changing your life and start embracing the world of technology then this is for you, this content is based on a real-life event in which you will be certain that you can change your life too just like what I did in mine.

Making decisions and commitments that are life-changing often leads you into a roller coaster state in life, you’ll lose some, you’ll gain some. You’ll cry and you’ll smile. But nevertheless, you will be different, and you will see the world differently.

A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.“

1. You are going to lose a lot of friends, but only those whom you thought are your friends.

You need to prioritize, by all means, giving up Friday nights, Weekend party, cocktails, vacations, happy hour and long chats. In order to do great work you need to narrow down your focus, a job, the commitment to learning how to code plus personal errands is enough to cover all your days in the next 6 months.

Stay committed, success doesn’t care if you are having a good day or a bad day to do the work, the only thing it cares about is whether you do the work.

2. You will lose the love of your life (or might if you are lucky enough)

A job and thorough commitment into learning how to code has its dark side, you will have lots of “no time”, anger management, migraine, and some serious mood swings because you need to make your brain work at least 12hrs a day (I know it’s impossible according to science, but you know what I mean), this part is where you need to put a poster of Elon musk in your desk to constantly remind yourself that even Elon Musk works during weekends, holidays and has 6 children, this billionaire still works, like really work, how can I not.

“I don’t have 9–5 job, I have when I wake up and when I go to sleep” — Elon Musk

3. You will lose your mind, only to find out that you are capable to do more.

Do you ever have that moment wherein you are just lying in bed wondering and questioning yourself about how lazy you are, do you have those days when you slept 10hrs and woke up tired, yes we all have those moments.

And so committing into at least 12 hrs of constantly working and grinding seems very intimidating and crazy, but if you are pretty serious about changing your life, then you need to do whatever it takes, you need to show up, in good days and in bad days, it will all be worth it.

Getting that first Developer job is life-changing, it is not just about getting the job, it is about you doing the impossible thing, to actually show up, having that in your heart will change your life forever.

4. You will forget when was the last time you had a good night’s sleep, or worse when was the last time you took a shower 🙊

There is nothing to say here, All facts, no BS. At least 12 hours of constant grinding is a serious matter.

5. You will lose 6 months of your life, only to gain years more.

3 years fast forward, the greatest thing I’ve ever learned is that Time is the most expensive currency in the world, being a developer means you will have the opportunity to work remotely wherever you go, in your own phase, in your own time, you will have the time to do the things that are more important, life is all about moments, doing the things you love with the people you love.

The pursuit of genuine happiness, having the time to do more of these, and having the freedom to actually do more of these should be our definition of living a good life.

Technology has the power of changing the world, make it a better place and imagine how much you can do if you are able to learn how to use this tool.

At the end of this journey, you will be amazed at how capable you actually are, you can apply this concept of deep work in every area of your life.

Along the road you will feel like it’s the end of everything when actually it is only just the beginning of something greater, something unimaginable, something better, you are now capable of creating things that are bigger than yourself.

If this doesn’t give you the fuel to start, then I don’t know what else.

Software/Mobile Developer

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