What Makes The Successful People Different? What Makes Them Become Part Of The 1%

It’s All In The Mindset, change how you think, change your life.

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You have 2 choices in life:

The choice is all yours to take and act, so which one would you believe?

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Here’s a tip, whatever you choose to believe will determine your life, it will give you the way, it will carve you the way, how you see the world becomes your life, no matter how small your thinking or how big, whatever you focus on becomes your reality, I do hope you choose to see the world wherein everything is possible, achievable, no matter how far it seems to be, no matter how impossible it could be, your life today doesn’t have to become your life tomorrow, however, your choices do, choose wisely, choose with intention, because your dreams are so much closer to your reality, you just have to see it the right way.

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Whatever you focus on expands

Have you ever in a situation wherein you only have 1–3 days before your deadline, you’ve got nothing, not even an idea nor a plan, and with all this pressure all you can think of is how to make this impossible possible, how to make 0 becomes 10, and how to make them see what they wanted to see, what features do I need to do to satisfy the requirements, how many hours do every feature needs, what resources do I need for this project, on which area should I need to ask for help, and who can help me.

The more you put your mind into something, the more focus you are, the more possibilities you could see, the more opportunities will present itself, the chances of achieving whatever it is you want slowly become reachable, becomes achievable, the gap between where you are and where you want will slowly vanish.

If you focus on the space between your present and the life that you want, what’s stopping you from achieving it and what actions and decisions do you need to get it, even the impossible ones become possible.

Don’t limit yourself, you will never know your full potential if you don’t try, “aim for the moon even if you fail, you will still reach the stars”.

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You Are Responsible For Your Life, You and You Alone

“If you are born poor it’s not your mistake, but if you die poor it’s your fault” — Bill Gates

While the rest of the 99% are all busy blaming everyone else for their bad luck, bad life, bad karma, unfortunate events, failures, drama, the other 1% are all busy mastering their craft, creating their life, building their legacy, building their project, building their portfolio, grinding, hustling even when sometimes they’re crying but productively working (lol), they are playing the game differently.

They are attracting their luck through hard work, determination, increasingly, slowly designing their life in their terms, in their own will, for they know if they wanted to become part of the 1% who owns the wealth of the 99% of the world, then they know how hard it would take for them to achieve it.

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They know it will be hard but they also know it is possible, achievable, they know they have to do the things the other 99% won’t do, they have to be different, they need to think differently.

they know what it takes to become part of the 1%.

No one cares about the system other than you, the world doesn’t owe you anything, you are fully responsible for your life, if you want something in life, you have to work for it, claim it for yourself.

“The moment you accept total responsibility for everything in your life is the day you claim the power to change anything in your life”

If you want happiness, find it, if you want wealth work for it, if you want a legacy, build it, if you want to experience the world, move, don’t wait for miracles, or you will be waiting all your life.

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Enjoy the process, they will be your stories

Working like there’s no tomorrow, hustling like no other, working 12hrs a day, 15hrs a day doesn’t mean you have no right to enjoy life, or to simply be happy, that’s ridiculous.

Savor it, remember it, every detail, every failure, every achievement, piece by piece they are part of your craft, they are all part of the ingredients of your future self, give yourself the permission to create mistakes, and learn from them.

You can never really taste the true meaning of life in perfection, it can only become a life well lived if you have a taste of its different flavors, life is a series of ups and downs, happiness and sadness, joy and sorrow, it will slowly build your character, it will widen your perspective, it will make you humble, it will make you proud, it is the only way to greatness.

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Your experience, your journey, remember them, take them, they will be your stories as you arrive in your destination, they will be yours, they only belong to you, so when the time will come you have something to tell to anyone, to your future partner, to your children, grandchildren, about your life’s journey, they will be your priceless treasure.

So which choice are you going to make? Which path are you going to take?

Would you still stay in bed and dream, or would you rather get up, chase them and make it happen? The choice is yours.

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