What Really Happens After Experiencing Your Lowest Point In Life

when you realize that you’ve got nothing to lose, you’ll turn into a beast.

“Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life”

Just like every storm, there’s sunlight, just like every sunset there will be sunrise, and in between, there’s a magic ray of colors in the clouds, rainbow colors beautifully captured if you just dare to open your eyes, no matter how scary and no matter how afraid you are, chin up and see how life will unfold on itself.

They say there are two things will happen to you that will change the direction of your life, your will and everything that you thought you are capable of, everything you’ve got will be put into test, and it’s either you end up being the strongest or you will discover how much more there is to learn.

Whatever the outcome, the most important thing is that you will gain a new perspective and I hope no matter how hard it is or it was, I hope you choose to be strong, change is the most constant thing in the world, whatever it is that you are facing, eventually, it will pass, after experiencing the night, would you not want to be there when the sun rises?

The situation is not always yours to choose, but your response always is. When you have everything in life, and when you lose everything in life.

When you have everything in life

The person that has everything in life will never know the value of everything, we will never appreciate anything that is easily handed to us, and we will never know the importance of anything unless it is taken from us.

When we have everything in life is the moment where we should be thankful, we should be grateful, but unfortunately, there are a lot of kids these days that don’t appreciate the good things, I am not saying everyone but we know there are those type, I know one myself, she was born with all the wealth she could acquire, even having the family who gave her everything she still end up diagnosed with depression, she has been living her life as if the world owes her anything, she drinks almost every night, she dropped out even when given the opportunity to get into the top university and she spent her parent’s money non-stop, one perfect example that your situation depends on your state of mind, even when you have everything or you don’t, the things that happen to you is always in your hand, and it’s always your choice.

Learn to appreciate things, and learn to appreciate every moment.

When you lose everything in life

You will never be ready, and that’s when everything falls apart, that’s when everything falls to the ground, and that’s when even the solid foundation you built will face destruction, and even if how strong you thought you are, life will drag you down on your knees, hoping and praying that everything will end.

Sometimes it is better to just leave everything behind, just to shut down all the emotions, as I have been craving for peace, I was left with nothing but cold hands, genuinely praying that even if I am facing all the challenges in life, I wish someone was there on my side holding my hand, if only, then it wouldn’t be that hard, losing everything I built, my dream, my mom, while realising I was all alone all at once, that even a lion as I am found myself on my knees.

Life will never be fair, and you have to accept it. Acceptance is the beginning of a new day, it’s the beginning of a new life, because sometimes no matter how much you try, life has its way of teaching us the greatest lesson, that no matter how hard we strive, life is too short, and everything can be changed in just a moment.

Even after all the unfortunate circumstances, I have been trying my best to live a good life, without knowing where I was headed, at some point I have been running out of breath, at that moment, even if I’m at the bottom, I know one day there will be light, I know things happened for a reason, the fact that I am still breathing made me promised myself that from this day forward I will live each day with a purpose, I will keep in mind where I am going, that even if I am climbing the highest peak, I will keep going as long as I am breathing, I have a dream, and I’m gonna live each day knowing that one day I will arrive, I will be home, and I will find the people that will genuinely care, who will stay and who will believe in me as I am chasing my dreams, I truly believe that one day I will be found.

“The wind is blowing to move on, to keep moving, not to stay, the wind needs to keep moving for me to fly”

Exactly a year ago today I arrived at the hospital seeing my mom fighting for her life, I was a few minutes late, I have never felt so broken, and I have never felt so weak, no matter how many times you cry and said goodbye you can never really leave them behind, everything happens so suddenly, that made me realize how vulnerable life is, you will never be ready, all you can do is to persevere and believe that all good things will come eventually, a year ago today I never would have imagined how strong I can become, and how lucky I still am, my mother’s prayer will protect me and my mother’s love will keep me going, her memory will remain and will be filled with love in the years to come.

You will never know how strong you are when you are one foot away from falling, and you will never understand the true meaning of life, when you fall it’s either you can see yourself falling or you can see it as an opportunity to raise your hand along with the wind and see that you are actually flying, whatever happens afterward is no longer on you, it is no longer your control, it’s either you end up falling in the ground or who knows you might end up falling into the sea if you’re lucky, you can choose to swim and fight for your life or you could just let yourself drown, everything is up to you, how you see it is how you will become.

Material things will come and go, you can always build your dreams no matter how many times you fail, a year ago today I lost my years of savings, I lost everything I ever worked for, but I had able to acquire them back in just a few months, but no matter what I do it can never bring back my mom.

Our time is our most precious wealth, let’s use it wisely, let’s live life with gratitude, and let’s love people genuinely, we will never know the future, we only have today. Love genuinely, live a good life and persevere no matter what.

A year ago today I thought I lost everything but actually, I found the true meaning of life, I found myself.

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