What Separates The Doers From The Dreamers

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

“If someone tells you that your dreams are impossible, it’s impossible to them but not to you.” — Ann Adaya

In my personal and professional life, I have encountered these hundreds of times, I’ve conquered it several times, and failed multiple times, I’ve failed more than I succeeded, but in life, sometimes you just have to be right once or twice and sometimes, that’s the only thing you need to understand the rule of life that once you get the taste of success, you’ll crave for more.

My father used to tell me if you will never ask the answer will always be no, if you will never move you will always be in the same place, and if you will never try you will never know what’s on the other side, and if you continue to just wander and dream for a better life, you will never have a better life and they will remain to be just that, dreams.

You can’t just accept what other people’s opinion, people only understand by the current level of their perspective, you can always listen to them but you gotta find the answers on your own, the world is so big to settle for someone’s definition of life, everything around you, everything that surrounds you were just built and created by the same people who are no better than you, what they can do, you can do better, you just have to believe in yourself, because success comes from within you before you can show it to the world.

Albert Einstein wrote, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Life will never be fair

So what?

When I was young my parents were both businessmen, and they had a lot of business associates, that soon became family friends, their kids have become my playmates, growing we can see our parents working and building their businesses, but businesses can either survive and thrive or failed and doomed.

As a kid, I didn’t have any clue I just realized that my playmates were already gone, the people we called family friends began to disappear, and those people that are working for us are starting to leave, I didn’t understand what was happening, the only thing I know is that our house that used to be so crowded, loud and bright began to lose its light, and one morning I woke up with nothing but just my parents and brother.

Years have passed, when I was already in college, I met some of my childhood friends from a reunion event, at that time I began to understand everything that had happened, their parent’s businesses were the one’s who survived and got bigger and bigger up until today, I can see their names everywhere, and then I wonder if my parents didn’t end up in bankruptcy, probably our family name would be the same as theirs, everywhere, but, the reality is it did not, and at that time I was focusing on keeping my grades high and at the same time staying in the first team of our football team to make sure I can get the scholarship until I finish college.

Life will never be fair, but you have to deal with the cards that you have, you don’t have any choice either, my childhood friends who had all the freedom in the world, they can choose any universities that they want anytime they want, while I was there listening and smiling back to them and thinking I couldn’t even afford a burger.

Now, looking back and understanding what the hell happened to my parents, and seeing my childhood friend’s lives, most of them got married and already had their own families, working on a job they hate or working on their family businesses, and I realized they were still living in the same place, in the same city we used to live, they were all settled, while I lived in the metro capital of our country still thriving and working my ass off for a better life, I am not saying they are wrong, I’m just curious of the difference.

I’ve got my conclusion, everything that had happened to me was just a preparation for something bigger, to never settle, to find a way on everything because there will always be ways, to understand life deeper by living in both disaster and comfort.

I grew up not having my parents to support me so I can learn to support myself, my father always tells me that I am a wild one, he is probably right, but one thing is for sure, whatever happens, I am ready and I will always fight back until I achieve everything that I dream of, no matter what, I will never settle and I will not take no for an answer.

“So don’t forget any of it. Remember it all and overcome it. If you don’t overcome it, you’ll always be a kid whose soul never grows.” — It’s okay not to be okay

The world doesn’t owe you anything

so why are you still chilling?

When I was about to go to college, my parents want me to study on a public university because they cannot afford to pay for my tuition if I go to a private university, but I wanted that school so I did everything I can just to be part of the university football team, and when I got in, I promised myself that I will do everything it takes to prove to my parents that I can because I can.

The world doesn’t owe us anything, we can’t just wait for things to happen because we’ll end up just watching the world pass us by, why would we wait for something? it’s like gambling, a game we can never win.

No one will save us other than ourselves, even when having the full scholarship my parents can’t still afford to give me a proper allowance and so I have to do something to survive. We had several subjects about using Softwares for business data analytics, formulas, steps, and some scripts that require computers for the program to run.

I didn’t have a computer, I’ve asked my parents several times, but it didn’t happen but I have to pass those majors, so what I did was to stay up as late as 10 pm in the library writing down all the codes, scripts, and formulas so I can memorize them instead of actual practice and then waking up early in the morning for our 530am football practice. I passed all my subjects, even those subjects that require computers, I’ve had good grades on my majors and math, including accounting and taxation even without books.

The world doesn’t owe us anything, so no matter how high the walls are, no matter how high the mountains are as long as you are alive and kicking, you can always find a way, if you want something, go get it, and make it happen, make the impossible possible, that was how I was built, and that is how I will succeed.

One day or day one

It will always be your choice.

After graduating college I finally got a corporate job in the metro capital, I flew far away from home with nothing but dreams, but then after years of working I’ve realized that my life has become dull, it felt like I was settling again for what’s comfortable, I probably enjoyed its comfort because I was craving for it for too long that I’ve settled with working in a company that can easily replace me in a day, I was living in a rat race, and I know I was facing again another wall that I needed to break.

It was comfortable but that wasn’t the dream, I was craving for more. And I found this Web Development career, however, I cannot afford to go to school again and I can’t afford to lose my job, so the night before my 26th birthday, I decided to commit myself into learning Web Development and become a developer within a year while working my 9–5 job, there are a thousand of reasons not to, but I only need one to make it happen.

It was the hardest challenge, but then, I survived college with nothing but goals and dreams, and I know I can do it again.

After 6months of intense focus, determination, and perseverance, I send my resignation letter the same day I got my first developer job, I did it again, and not for a year but 6months.

4 years fast forward, I successfully became a Developer and I am now working as a Software Developer, I’ve had all the freedom I needed, the flexibility and balance between work and life, earning way better than I thought and I am very thankful that the life that I have today was just the luxury of my yesterdays, I know I am in the right path. I am into my next adventure, and I can’t wait to tell you guys how far I can go until I arrive.

The world will always make a way to someone who knows where he/she is going, I know that. — Ann Adaya

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